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It's not quite an epic fail, but it was definitely a lesson for me: someone contacted me for my services, we talked on a Zoom call, we decided we could work together and I gave them my regular price on the spot, without doing any research on the company. After a couple months, the team lead from them reaches out to me and asks if I'm at home and available in a couple of days, because they want to come and visit me with the company's private plane. The company sent a senior developer, a mid-level developer and junior developer using a (small) private plane to meet me in person to facilitate connection. The moment I heard this I realized I should have charged at least twice as much. At least.

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Oh, Roland -- what a memory, and a BIG "tuition" payment for a lesson learned. I've had similar experiences, but none quite this dramatic. The good news is that your services were much more valuable than you had realized, and I hope you were able to translate that into much bigger wins down the road. Thanks for sharing this "epic" story.

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